Three Kingdoms Online (broswer)

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Three Kingdoms Online is an MMO-SLG browser game. Users do not need to download or install any client softwares to play the game.
The game adapts elements of RPG, strategy and management simulation games and combine it into a top quality browser game. The game is based on ancient Chinese history, and includes many features that are related to the Chinese culture.

Based on Romance of Three Kingdoms, the most famous classical work in China, Three Kingdoms Online unfolds a period of warring kingdoms, talented heroes and everlasting conflicts . As an ambitious and talented leader, you will build up your legendary city-state in the land this land of chaos.

-No need to install. You can login and play the game in your browser.
-Experience the life of an ancient Chinese warlord, balance between industries, economy, agriculture, military, science and diplomacy.
-Diplomacy is vital. Join a league and particpate in league feud.
-Original hero system and quest system provides players with a more interesting game experience.
-Exciting new events and upgrades available periodically.

LINK TO 3 Kingdoms

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