Karma: Operation Barbarossa

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Karma: Operation Barbarossa is an alternative-ending World War II multi-player online first person shooter (MMOFPS) developed by Dragonfly, Futureport and Blueside. Karma: Operation Barbarossa is set in an Europe that hasn’t seen the end of the Second World War. The entire continent is under Germany’s unyielding control. As the Axis’ white-knuckled grip threatens to extend East, a bloody strike on the Soviet Union proves imminent. Karma: Operation Barbarossa will be released for PC in late 2009.

Karma Online POD
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4 Responses to “Karma: Operation Barbarossa”

  1. By Bretto on December 16, 2009

    Just tried this game today. Its really boring and uninspired. I was seriously underwhelmed. Graphics were pretty poor. Details poor. Game play types, *yawn* same old same old. Only thing this game has that is mildly interesting is the 2 factions in pvp with random zombies everywhere. Its a great idea but again there is next to nothing detail or depth wise and the Ai is dumb as a sack of rocks. It’s a basic fps that needs something to give it lasting power…

  2. By P.M. on December 16, 2009

    I tried the game too. For a free FPS, it’s not that bad. The zombie mode is definitely interesting (but the swift ones are quite annoying to kill). It’s definitely better than Soldier Front, BlackShot, Dispatch of Army, or WarRock (I want to like WarRock, but hackers have ruined that game). The gameplay itself has a very fast paced feel to it like Combat Arms, Operation 7, and Alliance of Valiant Arms. Maybe I just liked it because I was good at it, I was top ranked in every single match I played. Since it’s still in beta I’m willing to forgive the lack of details. I added in the survey some of the same complaints Bretto had, like the visuals could be better, they need more un-traditional game modes, options, and that I’d like to see vehicles.

    • Thanks to both for writing a review. If some other people happen to step in this surroundings please feel free to review or write your judgment on this game..

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