White Knight Chronicles

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Lately i was surfing the net, and came up on this title…
I was looking for a simple rpg to play while lying on the sofa, on the tv screen just for relaxing during those evening when you are not going to exit with friends..
Decided to investigate, i read some reviews around the web, and the opinions are really different there are guys who sunk this game, others who found this game brilliant. Well you know for me giant turtle monster with a city on their back does some eye-candy effect. Keep digging i found out this game has an online co-operative component too..

Called Georama, here follows the details: this system is an online mode that lets the player create their own town. It can function as lobby and allows to set up a shop. People can enter this virtual town and also take a look around. The editing mode functions as a system that can be placed from a list of objects ranging from houses and other garden accessories to anything customizable for the town. Towns can be placed in the middle of plains, deserts, or wilderness. There are six different field types. Other items can also help to shape the hub, e.g. elevated platforms, embankments, trees, and other items.Non-player characters can be recruited to towns from Story Mode. This makes the player’s Georama change depending on whoever living in it. Non-player characters have jobs and specific skill levels, which will affect the kind of materials and items available to use in Georama. Each player has their own Geonet that can create up to 20 Georama rooms. A maximum of 12 people can visit a customized town and 4 including the host can enter a quest room. With the use of the Georama system, there are multiplayer quests called sub-quests where you can clear with up to 4 other players including the player him or herself. For this, you use your own created Avatar and control it instead of using the Main Story character, Leonard. Your Avatar’s level and equipment will be the same as your Avatar in the story mode. More quests will become available throughout the progress of your story. You will unlock more quests as your guild rank increase while you accumulate points. You can also play these quests by yourself as well.

So an easy to pick-up hack and slash with an offline story mode and a nice online component, sometimes it’s nice just to start a party and play just for fun and relaxing..
This game could be a real surprise.. and you what do you think?

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