Camon Hero

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”Camon Hero will provide you with a gameplay experience like no other MMORPG out! And like all Uforia games, Camon Hero will be completely free to play!

In Camon Hero, you journey through the land of Aria in order to save its citizens from the forces of darkness. But you won’t be alone on this dangerous quest. During your adventure, you will come across mystical cards that grant you the ability to summon creatures and people to assist you in battle!

Camon Hero is based on the ever popular Trading Card Games and you will find terminology and gameplay similarities in Camon Hero. But this time the monsters are real and the action in real-time!

Camon Hero
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Camon Hero has no fixed classes so you can customize your character’s stats so you can wield both magic and melee weapons or be a purist and focus on magic. Like a good TCG, Camon Hero gives you the options to customize and create your own gameplay style! The knowledge and power to perform skills is also bound to cards so that the possibilities in combat become endless. Deciding what cards to include in your summon hand and managing their Stack Cooldown Times so you can maintain control of the field.

Camon Hero features both PvE field combat and instanced mission based combat! Giant Bosses will test the skills of you, your friends and your decks! And what would a TGC MMORPG be without numerous PvP modes to test your deck out against other Camon Heroes! You’ll wish you could find a card that will summon up more time to enjoy all that Aria has to offer!

Control your army of summons, master your deck, save Aria and become the true Camon Hero! Join your friends this Spring on Camon Hero!” (source:uforia)

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