Age of Ocean

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OPI Games’ historical simulation game, Age of Ocean, transports the player back to the romantic Age of Sail. The player can choose their home port from over 300 ports in 24 countries and begin trading thousands trade goods on over ten thousand trade routes. With hundreds of other strategic locations and over one hundred different ship types, Age of Ocean is an unprecedented world framework through which players will come to know the full potential of online strategy-simulation games. Whether you dominate your opponents by ruling the shipping lanes, or rule over distant lands as a colonial governor; rise through the ranks to become Admiral of the fleet, or strike terror in the hearts of all as a bloodthirsty pirate-king, the choice will be entirely up to you! Exploration, treasure hunting, battles at sea, pirate raids, and maritime trade—all can be found in Age of Ocean, the game where the blue-sky blue-sea dreams of millions of players will become a reality!
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Age of Ocean
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