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TrueCombat:Elite (TCE) is a modern world total conversion of the free, popular, stand-alone third-person shooter, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That is, TCE is an entirely free game, made by gamers, for gamers.

TCE was developed by GrooveSix Studios and Team Terminator. While Team Terminator is known for the famous Q3 based TrueCombat series, GrooveSix Studios was initiated by retired Team Terminator co-founder Coroner to develop a Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification that was never released.

TCE is a tactical-team shooter, set up in a modern-world environment. TCE puts you into the role of elite mercenary soldier in the conflicts of two internationally operating forces. The Global Intervention Force (GIF626 aka in-game as “Spec Ops”) is a special force formed of the top of the world experts joining from US Delta force, UK SAS, German KSK and GSG9, to mention a few. An international mercenary organization known as “The Unit” (aka “Terror” in-game) is their opponent. It was reported that some members of the Unit were once with the Special Op forces, but the lure of money was strong.

Official Site

This game is available for windows, linux and macintosh

TrueCombat: Elite v0.49b (win)
708.8 MiB - 2,567 downloads

TrueCombat: Elite v0.49b (Linux)
705.2 MiB - 1,155 downloads

TrueCombat: Elite v0.49b (mac)
703.6 MiB - 1,779 downloads


-tactical-teamplay oriented, modern-world combat simulation
-realistic weapon behavior simulation
-iron sight aiming system, no crosshair
-sophisticated ballistic simulation including multiple-layer object penetration
-professional mode: 1-life, short-timed, objective driven scenarios in realistic environments
-independent minimods: objective, bodycount and capture the flag
-balanced, team specific set of real-world weapons (Beretta 92, Glock 19, Ump45, Mac-10, M4, Ak-47, and much more)
-rich, deluxe graphics, based on high-resolution digital-camera shots and HDR lighting
-lag compensation, client-side bullet prediction, punkbuster support
-immersive and lethal, fast-paced action

Note: All the needed files (ET,TCE and patches) are in the zip files.

1. TC:E is actually rather easy to install. First you must acquire Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and its most recent “patch” or update both of which are totally free from Splash Damage.

a) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Full
(wolfET.exe 257.78 mb 29-May-2003)
b) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Patch 2.60 Update
(et_patch_2_60.exe Size: 5.53 mb 21-Mar-2005)
c) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v2.60b Patch (optional)
This is mainly a security patch and not mandatory for running the game. Must have 2.60 update installed.

2. Next you need to obtain the lastest FULL VERSION release of TrueCombat:Elite (currently version 0.49) and its patch (0.49b)

a) TrueCombat: Elite v0.49 Full
(setup_v049_0922.exe 453 mb 29-Sept-2006)
b) TrueCombat: Elite Patch v0.49b
( 6.48 mb 01-Jan-2007)


Once you have downloaded the mandatory files, you are ready to install TC:E!!

You must completely install Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory before you can begin to install TrueCombat:Elite. Just follow the steps below:

1. Begin by running Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Full. This will create the “Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory” folder on your harddrive.

2. Now, patch your version of WET with the 2.60 Patch (Win only) (followed by 2.60b if you care to install the security patch – not mandatory!).

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory should now be completely installed on your computer.

3. Run TrueCombat:Elite Full to install TCE. This will create a folder named “tcetest” inside of the Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory folder (example : C:\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\tcetest).

4. Finally run the 0.49b Patch. Here you need to be a bit careful, extract your files to the “Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory folder”, NOT the tcetest folder. If you do, you will end up with “C:\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\tcetest\tcetest” and the game will not be “patched”.

You should now have a shortcut for TC:E on your desktop (and one for Enemy Territory). If you don’t, right click and select “new” and “shortcut”. The following is the DEFAULT command line for TC:E (this goes in the “Target” field of the shortcut properties):

C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\ET.exe” +set fs_game tcetest +set com_hunkMegs 192 +set com_zoneMegs 64 +set com_soundMegs 32

(Adjust the drive and path information to reflect where you have installed ET and TC:E)

You are now ready to run the game for the first time. Run it and set up your various control and video settings to your liking, all of which are available from the in game option menus.

Also at this point it is an EXCELLENT idea to click on the “Play Online” button on the main menu, which launches the server browser, and click the “enable Punkbuster” button at the lower right, if it’s not already enabled. (NOTE: the 2.60 ET patch “broke” the internal server browser, do not panic if you do not see any active servers. To find online servers you can use programs like Xfire or Qtracker).

More info visit TCE Official Site

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  1. By Máté on March 19, 2010

    How old is this? I dont remember which version i play.

    • very old.. 2006..

      since an user reminded me of this title.. i decided to made a proper post..
      previously it was in the (messy) part of the archive..

      Still enjoyable game by who has an old computer.

  2. By Máté on March 19, 2010


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