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Free for non-commercial use.

The Citrus Engine is an industry-quality engine built to create platform games that make people say “Flash can do that?!”. Here are some of the juicy features of the Citrus Engine:

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The Jist

* Blazing 50 FPS in the browser on current machines, and 250+ FPS on the desktop (or Adobe AIR).
* Physics-based engine allows for tumbling crates, pulleys, vehicles, and just about anything else you can imagine, without the limitations of a grid.
* The Level Architect visual level editor makes it easier to create level blueprints, then tweak your level to your heart’s desire.
* Robust documentation includes and ASDoc API, tutorial videos, and a developer-friendly manual.
* Standards-based code API means developers and designers spend more time tweaking the fun stuff, and less time debugging.
* Level-based progressive downloading allows gamers to start playing the game quicker by only downloading what the next level needs.

The Details

* Pre-made commonly used objects, like a hero, coins, enemy, moving platforms, and more!
* Object spawning management
* Graphics rendering system that gives your animators and artists flexibility
* Sound management
* Keyboard and input management
* Intuitive events framework

Educational Package is Free!

The educational package gives you all the Citrus Engine code in one cheap no-hassle price. Just download the engine, code your game, and release it upon the world! We’ve made the light package super-cheap for students, game enthusiasts, and newbies. Here’s what we stripped out to make this package free:

* Non-commercial projects only. This package is for students, teachers, and hobbiests. If you’re looking to make money off of your game, check out the basic or commecial packages.
* You’re required to display Citrus Engine branding at the beginning of your game.

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