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Tanadu is a rich world with thousands of players competing for glory and the rule over a mysterious magical substance.

Create powerful armies. Prove, how brave are your heroes.Take the challenge and rule Tanadu!

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* Never ending fun in a fantasy world of strategy and adventure.
* Thousands of players, who compete, cooperate, trade, and discover the many secrets of Lost Continent.
* Vivid, living world, with a situation changing every minute.
* Three nations to choose from. Every race has an unique set of forces, special abilities, artifacts and quests, which allow to personalize the game experience.
* Tens of heroes, leading your armies and growing in power with gathered experience.
* Over a hundred of combat units, which become available for hire with the game progress.
* Over 2000 unique artifacts, including incredibly rare relics, powerful sets of equipment, magic recipes and valuable trophies.
* Vast diversity of play: search for rare materials and artifacts, or combats with other players in the Player vs Player mode – those are only the most important of possible activities.
* Easy and intuitive interface and great graphics.
* Minimal requirements – any computer, browser and a few minutes of free time allow for a limitless play.
* Free access to the game, everywhere and without limits.

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