Blade Wars

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Blade Wars is a revolutionary action/fighting MMORPG that was developed in China, and now it has been adapted for players all over the world. The setting is a mythical universe where Abyssals, Humans, and Immortals battle each other for dominance. What sets Blade Wars apart is the depth of the battle system that encourages skilled players to constantly challenge each other for supremacy. This is a game that seasoned MMO veterans will truly appreciate.

Blade Wars
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Blade Wars offers you an unparalleled variety of realistic martial arts moves, as is shown by the 99 different combat styles available. Different combinations of skills can result in powerful combo attacks on your enemies, and the battle system is based on a dynamic algorithm that factors in everything from a player’s level to the time between attacks to the enemy’s position. You are even able to use abilities such as feigning attacks, or if correctly timed, dodge opponents’ strikes. As you hone your skills, you will be able to challenge others in special Arenas, where players take turns hosting duels with the victors reaping the many rewards.

IIn addition to the revamped fighting system, the game incorporates many of the same great features that players loved in ChangYou’s previous title, Dragon Oath. Mounts, trading, guild wars, daily events.

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