SHOGUN Total War 2 Announced

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Creative Assembly goes back to its roots…

Back in the Stone Age, the first Total War game was a masterpiece, never before was seen such a great rts engine with thousands of units in the field with scenographic and epic battlefields, after some time it was introduced the Rome Total War, which was in Full 3D and the last Empire which added naval battles and multiplayer campaign with Napoleon..
I wonder how this Shogun 2 will be? Maybe we will see samurai climbing the walls of castles, Rifleman will build defensive trenches, furious and spectacular sword fights, full multiplayer support or arcade scene like in a old Amiga game Lords of the Rising Sun.. since now technology and powerful cpus allows for all this goodness.

(The original and first Total War game)

(CinemaWare’s Lords of the Rising Sun)

p.s Lords of the Rising Sun is freely downloadable directly on the CinemaWare site and playable on PC with the amazing WinUae Emulator.

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