Street of Rage Remake v5.0a

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I found out there is a new version of this great remake.

After 8 years of work the final version of Street of Rage Remake is released!

Visit the Official Site for version 5.0a

Visit the Author Site

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Streets of Rage Remake v5.0
208.8 MiB - 58,898 downloads

Streets of Rage Remake v5.0a
202.6 MiB - 16,965 downloads

NOTE: No idea if this is officially made by the author of the game.

According to the maker of this version, it contains over 100 bugfixes and improvements over the original v5.0 release.

1. Changed command Alt+X to F12, as it was easy to press this combination by mistake using a keyboard.
2. Bug fix : Yamato temple has no music in the battle mode.
3. Bug fix : Graphic option positioning when vsync is enabled.
4. Game-breaker fix : Sor1 Stage 4, call police when the area is covered by holes makes the enemies dance Michael Jackson permanently.
5. The flames generated by police special cant enter walls or holes now.
6. Improved Max 3 stars move, now it’s easier to connect the first combo with the throw move.
7. Sor2 Stage 1, Improved police car intro : strange jumps like Max or some secret characters.
8. Game-breaker fix: Camera freeze using Sor3 type camera combined with certain characters (Blaze + Shiva) in Yamato temple, construction site or stages with auto-camera movement.
9. Some chars can do specials with Kunais and metal bars now.
10. Z priority of sniper cursor fixed.
11. You cant walk anymore on the manholes that Donovan leaves (Sor2 stage1).
12. If you are banned from the store all the cheats are disabled.
13. Some graphic glitch calling Super specials (Alternate police) when camera is moving.
14. Game-breaker fix : Sor1 Stage 8, use the cheat of unlimited lives on the Mr.X fight : Player vs Player makes the battle infinite.
15. Game-breaker fix : Sor1 Stage 8, unable to walk if you hold a player with roll and run option disabled on the right timing (just before they break the door).
16. Added sound to rolling barrels in the construction site.
17. Bug fix : Corrupted Blaze sprites, if you steal stuff from the store and she follows you in the game.
18. Difficulty modes tweaked :
– Easy, Normal, Hard toned down, especially the difficulty in the last stages.
– Less speed on X,Y axis for all the difficulty levels (very hard and mania not included).
19. Seeker less annoying.
20. Bike & Jetski tweaked
– Some enemies removed
– Less damage from obstacles
– Some enemy lifebars reduced
– More damage from character attacks (punch)
21. Game-breaker fix : If you get an alternate route and the camera movement generates a new enemy wave the character will get stuck permanently.
22. Bug fix : Time wont reset on remake death type.
23. Bug-fix : Character can lose the position of a platform on the top of the train (wind floor issue).
24. Bug-fix : Interrupt boomerang intro (Antonio) with a police call causes a stage jump.
25. Cosmetic bug : Helicopter chain explosions will wait until characters neutral stance.
26. Exploit : Vaulting system had a bug on the 2nd vault causing 1 second of invecible character frames.
27. Exploit : Rudra F+A had no life decrease on “only time meter” (sor2 gameplay).
28. Elle character tweak : Increased damage and speed of main combo, grab, and a few other tweaks.
29. Exploit : Shiva sor2 can do infinite combo with pause delay in sor3 mode.
30. Invincible F+A for Sor3 characters added.
31. Sormaker Bug-fix : mod list with more than 5 elements had issues when changing to the next page depending on the position of the cursor.
32. Cosmetic bug : Police helicopter had Z priority glitches in some stage layers.
33. Game-breaker fix : You can cancel a Roo police call by calling it with 2player at the same time, freezing the game.
34. Adam character tweak : Increased speed of uppercut move (easier to hit enemies and avoid combo-breakers from bosses).
35. Bug-fix : Camera waits if the character reaches the top limit of a stage after a camera lock in sor3 type camera mode.
36. Cosmetic bug : Z priority of some enemies on intros.
37. Sormaker cosmetic bug : Layers can be displayed over the OSD if the Z priority is set to -250.
38. Some standing enemy fixes when waiting for a character to arrive.
39. AI tweak : Enemies will spend less time off screen.
40. AI tweak : Souther will care less to avoid characters.
41. Gameplay tweak : F+A now has priority over frontal attacks from enemies.
42. Gameplay tweak : Weapon specials and FF+B now have priority over frontal enemy attacks until the attack hit is not performed.
43. Gameplay tweak : Now you can perform F+A while you are being hit.
44. Cosmetic bug : Behaviour of Jack fixed when no characters on screen.
45. Cosmetic bug : in battle mode if the timer runs out and you are grabbing the other character, the game will wait until stance animation.
46. Bug-fix : You can hit Vehelits before he is even displayed by using Super specials (Rudra, Elle, etc).
47. AI tweak : Abadede performs his defensive special less frequently.
48. Gameplay tweak : Control input improved regarding running in the opposite direction you are facing.
49. Cosmetic bug : If you press right on sor3 style jump while the character is jumping in the door entrance (Sor2 stage1-1) it can cause a wrong entrance.
50. Bug-fix : Knife, Kunai and Bottle have no damage using Elle.
51. Jet exploit : He will stand out of the screen permanently if you face the right side on a certain point of the screen giving us a chance to fight without him.
52. Cosmetic bug : Portrait glitch by selecting and deselecting the same character for both players on the select screen without sor1/2 switch unlocked.
53. Exploit : Steal things free of charge by using Alt+X.
54. Game-breaker fix : Staying on the edge of the Sor1 elevator when the stage is cleared can render the character unable to walk to the next point.
55. The stage with trap rooms now has only 2 possible different combinations. (Previously there were 6. It is now easier to find the required items.)
56. Exploit : You can enter bonus the room several times and earn more money than on other routes.
57. Shiva character tweak : he can throw fat guys now.
58. Players can do a recovery fall from an Ash or MrX throw.
59. CPU friend fixes :
– Now it will not select another character, palette or version when it dies and continues.
– Now will follow you without being on the top areas of a screen.
– Now will not skip player attacks if damage between players is off.
– Now will not pick up the police car item on the Prologue stage.
– Fixes on rooftop stage.
60. AI tweak : Enemies are more agressive on difficult settings.
61. AI tweak : Better movement and behaviour when enemies are surrounded by walls.
62. Walls and bomb control panel now give you points.
63. Cosmetic bug-fix: You can’t move to the next stage if you are using a machine gun with the infinite ammo cheat enabled.
64. Now enemies can fall into holes by jumping back (invisible walls removed, except event mission 5).
65. Bug-fix : A glitch can happen when a player grabs the other player and while vaulting you do special attack.
66. Difficulty : Continues increased to 3.
67. Cosmetic bug : Portraits on battle mode results screen are not displayed correctly if you bought extra players but not extra characters version sor1/2
68. Fixes to text in some English cutscenes.
69. Bug-fix : Some thrown weapons can hit the player even with damage between players turned off.
70. Bug-fix : Some grabs can fail if the enemy was in a hit stance while you try to perform a throw.
71. Now if the gamepad is not found the game will display a text, instead of set by default.
72. Bug-fix : In some conditions the combo can be done without touching the other player with sor2 combo type selected.
73. Sormaker Bug-fix : The character selected by the editor could be wrong if the order of unlocked chars was different from the original.
74. Gamepads : Now buttons from 0 to 25 can be detected, so some pads will work now. Dpad must use standard controls instead of buttons.
75. Control panel can appear as new even if it was broken and you return to the room again. While it is broken the pause button will not work.
76. Bug-fix : after unlocking Events Mode, mission 8 appeared to be already completed.
77. While using Sor1 weapon type, you would drop the knife even if you intended to get an apple.
78. Some items will disapear when calling the police or in other situations, like the police car icon in prologue stage.
79. Characters can have blink animations while holding an enemy if you have just thrown another one.
80. Gameplay tweak : Easier to grab enemies now, increased grab area.
81. Bug-fix : Duplicated weapons if you throw them at a certain spot against breakable objects.
82. Sormaker Bug-fix : If a boss falls in a hole Stage clear fails.
83. Sormaker cutscene tweak : Now if a portrait is set to 0 the game will not display the frame, the border and sound from a sor3 cutscene.
84. Sormaker Bug-fix : Collision box and behaviour of the crusher improved.
85. Sormaker Bug-fix : Exit feature “Walking to” ignores “next scene” when selected.
86. SoR2 Shiva now performs a taunt when calling the police.
87. Vsync is now automatically disabled if the mode is not supported by the operating system or graphic card setting.
88. Sormaker Bug-fix : Police car intro sets 1p score points to 0.
89. If you set miscellaneous as default or default options using Wiz, the game will get stuck at the reboot screen.
90. Sormaker Bug-fix : Cody and Trucker cant have more than 1 lifebar.
91. Game-breaker fix : Game stuck if you call police when you fall in a hole on your last life of a continue.
92. Sometimes Galsia Sor3 have no shadow jumping from a container.
93. Hours of play score can reach now 999.
94. Sormaker crash : Set Add intro then remove the txt file will produce a game crash.
95. Sormaker cosmetic bug-fix : No visual effects on a bike crash on sand, water, ice footsteps.
96. Shiva sor3 voice fix.
97. Bug-fix: A gameover on Yamato temple will bring a corrupt Press start screen.
98. Cosmetic Bug-fix : Happy birthday on Player 2 can happen on a handheld.
99. Sormaker Bug-fix : Now “walking to” can be combined with breakable layer intro.
100. Sormaker Bug-fix : Free camera.
101. Minor bug fixes.

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  1. By Gidoza on October 9, 2013

    There seems to be a bug in the game where Max does not do his power bomb. He just uses his regular special (spinning double fist). Is there a setting that must be change in the options to perform the special grab?

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