World of Tanks get update 8.5

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Wargaming released the 8.5 Update for its award-winning World of Tanks free-to-play action MMO dedicated to armored warfare.

World of Tanks
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This newest update further expands the tank rosters for both Germany and Russia, as well as introducing new features for non-Premium players. The German tech tree will be updated with new, powerful medium tanks, including the legendary tier X Leopard 1, while the Soviet tree will be strengthened with three new light tanks. Also of note in the 8.5 Update, players will now be able to purchase all premium consumables with credits. Previously, these premium consumables were only purchasable with Gold, the in-game currency that can only be purchased with real-world money. In addition, all players, both Premium and non-Premium, will be able to create 3-player platoons and companies. The 8.5 Update is further rounded out with the introduction of a new battle arena, Pearl River, as well as visual revamps of the Siegfried Line, South Coast, and Malinovka maps.

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