Lost Sector

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Lost Sector is a free-to-play tactical online game it combines turn-based battles and MMORPG in real time. Massive multiplayer squad-based tactics to the streets of Broxton – a megacity which enveloped serious civil war, caused by mankind technological progress.

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  1. By Roma on June 2, 2014

    After 1,5 years playing I’d like to say some words about this game. May be it is not worth at first glance but there are three huge issues: 1. You can not play without donation when you get to the max level. 2. Administration of the game is rude and unpredictable. You can be banned for no reason. Your account can be cancelled for no reason. You have no rights but have to pay cash for everything. More over you have no chance to challenge the decision as there is no address and any official contacts of the administration and developers 3.Administration of the project has friends among the players. These (removed) at in god mode. They can do anything they want without any responsibility. I think they don’t have even legal software to do this game. So don’t spend you time for no pleasure.

    • I haven’t played this game so can’t really say nothing about the game but..

      Even in a bad review as you wrote, don’t write insults.

      Also you say you played this game for 1,5 years.. That’s a lot of time, this could be an evidence that the game is a good game or at least not as bad as you say.

      You say that “You can not play without donation when you get to the max level”, well this depends.. on how many time you need to play to reach that level, and if you like the game it seems reasonable to make a donation, like saying “hey developers i really enjoyed playing your game, here is some cash as a thank you” or “i played the game a lot and want to keep playing here take some money”

      But as i said i never played the game so i really don’t know.. anyone who wants to review the game can do so.. via comments.

      Just remember don’t write insults and try to remain on facts and avoid speculations.


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