500k unique visitors for G4G.IT

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On Tuesday 22nd April 2008, g4g.it reached 500,000 unique visitors! Currently:505k.
I would like to say thank you to all the viewers who came here to make us a visit, the friends, the casuals, the readers, the bots (lol), the bookmarkers, everyone. I know 500k isn’t great compared to the megasite around the internet, but i think for a site like ours isn’t bad, i think it’s a nice number, i hope the visitors will increase in the future, currently we have 2 – 2,5k unique visitors per day, and we serve 8-9k pages per day. Current files archive is 2237 files hosted and many gigas of freegames and other programs. Please continue visiting us dear readers, beacouse without you this site doesn’t exist. Thanks again and rock on guys.

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