Aderan Wars (browser)

Aderanwars is a FREE browser based massively multiplayer online game. All you need to play is a valid email adress (to register) and any working browser. This game never restarts and takes only a few minutes to play per day.

Take control of a planet as a newly promoted general and progress your realm in power and influence. Be part of the ingame politics, or play as a lone wolf. Secret (and official) treaties are on the order of the day just like deception, lies but also honesty, courage and valor.
Make friends, join or create alliances, improve your economy, trade with other players, construct buildings, research countless technologies, build up armies and air force, grow peacefully evading conflict, or mobilise your armies and go to war! Whichever path you take, the choice is only yours.

Link to Aderan Wars

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