Bot Race

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Run through a deadly obstacle course with a shapeshifting robot. Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 35: “Shapeshift”. For windows, linux and mac.


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Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

Planetstorm is a multiplayer scifi war game fought both in space and on the ground, featuring large detailed environments and a beautiful arsenal of innovative millitary hardware. Crew gigantic capital ships in first person, pilot fighters and launch dropships to board other vessels, or wield advanced ground assault vehicles, infantry and aero-craft to achieve victory.

This demo contains two reworked maps covering both space and ground combat, plus all the hardware from battleships, tanks and railguns to autoturrets, cloaking suits and incendiary grenades. The demo has both offline bot support and online multiplayer capability.


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WORMS v1.71

A frag-fest with unlimited possibilities! Featuring ultra-smooth graphics, and unparalleled sound and music! The bots outsmart you with every chance they got, and the range of customization options will get your knickers in a twist!

Download Worms v1.71

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