C4 Engine (windows and macintosh not free)

The C4 Engine is one of the most technologically advanced 3D game engines available today for the Windows and MacOS X platforms. Its architecture is the product of many years of careful and clean design led by computer graphics author Eric Lengyel, making it one of the easiest and trouble-free engines to program.

The C4 Engine contains a comprehensive suite of robustly implemented game programming tools. Not only is it a powerhouse of a graphics engine, but it also includes integrated support for sound, music, networking, input devices, resource management, and much more. See the features page for details, or head over to the download page to see the demo in action.

The engine is reasonably priced for independent developers at $50 (US) per programmer, and the source code for the engine, demo game, and all tools are included with the license. Educational site licenses are also available to institutions who wish to use C4 as a teaching tool. (See the Licensing page.)

C4 continues to evolve at a fast pace, with new releases being made approximately once per month. All licensees get free updates to the entire engine forever. There are no renewal fees, subscriptions, or additional fees for add-on packs.


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Citroen C4 Robot (turkish)

Citroen C4 Robot is a free racing game developed by Sobee Software and 2GEN and produced by Mevlut Dinc (a.k.a. MevDinc). It’s based on the famous car-transformer spot.

The game is in turkish language.

Download Game

Watch a Video (Gameplay)

Watch the Spot


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