Chalk’s Temple

A nice vertical shoot’em up.

All of us dreamed of something new, unknown and unusual. Trips to untravelled planets, meeting undiscovered civilizations and unexpected circumstances.

In the Chak’s Temple game you will have an opportunity to plunge into the world of mystery and fantastic adventures. Having found out that there exists the temple of powerful god Chak on the distant planet you start your trip to get his unimaginable treasure.

Ice stalagmites, ancient statues, fire-spiting volcanoes, magic explosive mushrooms, architectural wonders, burials, idols and other objects, created by gone away ancient civilizations of an untravelled planet will help you to feel like a real treasure hunter! Enigmatic sounds of caves, the jungle full of unexpected dangers, forsaken cities, valleys of the dead, fire monsters, fantastic graphics and whipping up music will make this game your favorite. You won’t want to come back from this picturesque planet!

Be the first to overcome all hardships and get the greatest treasure in the Universe!

In the Chak’s Temple game you will find:

– lots of playing locations: jungle, caves, morass, ancient cities, valleys of the dead, etc;
– extra tasks for bonus score on every level;
– several bosses;
– different types of spheres;
– bonus levels;
– variety of objects: volcanoes, stones, rocks, idols, plants, insects;
– ability to gain different ranks and awards;
– plenty of bonuses;
– wonderful views;
– magnificent music and sound effects.


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