NekoChan Hero – Collection

UPDATE:The Game is now commercial, no longer free.

NekoChan Hero Collection is a compilation of 3 indie games: NekoChan Hero – ninja world 2, NekoChan Hero – ninja world 1, Neko Land.


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Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries GPL

Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries was open sourced under the GPL in 2009. This includes the game source code, graphics, and audio, the music is usable ONLY while playing the game. 7kfans are a group that is currently developing an updated version of the game. Seven Kingdoms is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game developed by Trevor Chan of Enlight Software. The game enables players to compete against up to six other kingdoms allowing players to conquer opponents by defeating them in war (with troops or machines), capturing their buildings with spies, or offering opponents money for their kingdom. The Seven Kingdoms series went on to include a sequel, Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars. In 2008, Enlight released a further title in the Seven Kingdoms series, Seven Kingdoms: Conquest.


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Rokko Chan

A nice japanese flashgames a-la rockman MegaMan.


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