Castle Storm (Mobile)

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UPDATE:As reported by an user on the comment, the game is free until level 5.

CastleStorm is coming to mobile devices on May 8th! The mobile adaption is free to play and offers a lot of content and features.


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CLONK Endeavour

Clonk Endeavour is the sequel to Clonk Planet and predecessor to the newer Clonk Rage in the series of 2D Clonk games. Clonk Endeavour was the first Clonk game to use a 32 bit graphics system based on Direct3D and OpenGL for enhanced quality and lots of new visual effects. The game was translated to nine different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian. All language packs are included in the download.

-all graphics in 32 bit
-hectic game play and loads of fun with hardy Clonks in huge worlds
-tons of objects and scenarios with different climate and weather conditions
-industrious settlement and building or intense battles using all available weapons and tactics
-dynamic landscape generator
-up to four players on one computer
-yet more players via local networks (internet play no longer supported)
-keyboard, mouse, or gamepad control
-language support: 9 different languages
-unlimited editing capabilities through the integrated developer mode
-extremely powerful scripting language


Watch a video of Clonk Endeavour

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CLONK CLASSICS (Old Clonk games compilation)


This contains a collection of Clonk classic games.

1994 Clonk – – DOS
1994 Clonk 2 Debakel – – DOS
1995 Clonk A.P.E – – DOS
1996 Clonk Radika – – DOS
1998 Clonk 4 – – Win95
2000 Clonk Planet – WinXP

To play the old dos games, you can use DosBox, to play win95 you can use Wine(window version), or you can use a VM.


Watch a Video

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