CHAIN of COMMAND (multiplayer)

Chain of Command is a real-time, multiplayer tactical wargame set in Normandy in World War 2, pitting American troops against German troops. The player commands four soldiers in various short actions, and will most likely find himself part of a larger group or team of other players, some of whom may be his commander, and some of whom may be (eventually) his subordinates. The player commands his own four men directly, responding to orders given to him by his commanders, and passing on orders to his subordinates. Players are themselves responsible for how they carry out other players’ orders (if they choose to carry them out at all), as they fight missions against enemy teams. Players are encouraged to preserve all their men and so may, when the risk is great, withdraw their men from the field, even against their commanders’ wishes. At the end of each action players receive points from their commanders, and these points go toward their next promotion.
Players are also encouraged to join Regiments and play with other members of their Regiments. Missions played for the Regiment go toward the Regiment’s relative standing. The Regiments provide focus for good team play over a long period.

Chain of Command is designed to be a realistic portrayal of small-unit infantry actions, and many of its systems are designed to take advantage of the multiplayer environment to simulate realistic flows in this type of action.


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