A Step Into Darkness

A Step Into Darkness is a indie horror game in which you play as a journalist desperate to redeem himself after he makes the biggest mistake of his life. You are sent on a mission to the woodlands to find and document the most mysterious of creatures.


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Lovecraft Tales

Lovecraft Tales is an independent open world adventure game. First episode (in making) will be inspired by “The Whisperer in Darkness” story. It’s been 3 years since beginning, and 1,5 year of hard development. A playable demo is released.


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Sepulchre is an adventure short from Owl Cave, written by Ashton Raze (Richard & Alice) and drawn by Ben Chandler (The Blackwell Epiphany), music by Jack de Quidtand and other awesome contributions. It’s a game featuring horror, trains, and huge bags. It should take most people around half an hour to play through.


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Pyrrhic Tales: Prelude to Darkness

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Pyrrhic Tales: Prelude to Darkness v1.8

Pyrrhic Tales: Prelude to Darkness is a dark, sophisticated fantasy CRPG featuring complex, turn-based tactical combat, 3D graphics, a skill-based character advancement system, and an intricate, involved plot.

Prelude thrives on the tradition of true role-playing games, allowing players to craft a diverse team and become part of a large and intricate world with a rich history, hundreds of non-player characters, and nearly endless paths and subplots.


* A complex, non-linear plot with multiple paths and dozens of side quests
* Turn-based, tactical combat
* Skill-based character development system featuring three racial lineages, 18 backgrounds, 16 skills, and three distinct schools of magic.
* Unfettered exploration of the entire game world: no zones or in-game load times
* Over 500 uniquely scripted NPCs populating fully developed towns and cities
* Hundreds of equippable items allow for thousands of unique character looks
* Player choices and character attributes have dramatic consequences on the storyline and on NPC interactions
* A fully articulated 3D world



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