Dungeons and Dragons goes FREE to play!

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) goes free!

Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™ (or DDO for short) is the only FREE to play premium Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) of its kind. Set in the vast and dangerous online world of Eberron, gamers discover hidden treasure, pummel monsters, and look to evade traps left behind by an ancient race. By leveraging the most active, most realistic combat system of any online game, DDO players deliver and feel every blow that goes into a baddie’s demise.

Guts: use them or lose them in DDO Unlimited. Get unlimited combat, unlimited adventure, and unlimited fun without a credit card or a subscription when DDO Unlimited launches later this summer (2009).

* Level cap raised to the natural limit of 20
* New class, and new high and low level adventures
* Play without subscription – no purse strings attached
* Feel every blow with DDO’s awesome action combat
* Alone or with friends, slay your way – solo, raids, guilds…
* Premium features for free – hirelings, crafting, auctions…
* Shop ’till they drop at the new DDO Store

Apparently so far the game is free only for North Americans

Dungeons & Dragons Online
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Direct Link to Beta


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