Doctor WHO the MMO

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Hey kids! It’s Doctor WHO the MMO! 😆


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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – Gameplay

Since this games are free only for Ukers.. i was wondering if some1 out there wanna check the gameplay of Dr. Who adventure game..
Here we go..


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Doctor WHO: The Adventure games

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The Adventure Games are a series of downloadable games based on BBC’s Dr.Who, available for free in the UK.

• Each game is around 330MB to download

• The download will take 10-20 minutes

• You’ll need about 2GB of hard drive space

• Available on Mac and Windows


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Man Boy vs Doctor Sock

Man Boy vs Doctor Sock is a short adventure game which tells the tale of our hero trapped in an alternate dimension by his nemesis, and must find a way to transport himself back to Earth before he misses the awards presentation ceremony held to honor his heroic achievements.


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