Jungle Duck Hunt

A new game from, Hunting in the Jungle! 60 shots, get the best score!


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Life of D. Duck II

Help D. Duck in his quest to get Dasy to marry him. D Duck must get rid of Uncle Jubalon who is eating him out of his house, also ooie lui and devie escapes and D. Duck must save them.

– Same kind of interface as in Sam & Max
– Don’t like right-clicking to change cursor mode? Turn on the cursor menu
in the main menu!
– Keyboard shortcuts, check Readme.txt for details.
– All custom made menus
– Hundreds of different ingame sound effects (yes, really)
– Well over 20 different Commodore 64 tunes
– Runs in glorious 640×480 resolution
– Exclusive dialogue and artwork by Bjornar B



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