Marvel VS Capcom 2 FE version 1 (mugen)

A MUGEN fighting game. The game includes an arcade mode, team battle, survival, and watch mode. The game uses interlaced graphics 🙁 There’s a whopping 56 characters. 28 from each universe: Akuma, Amingo, Anakaris, B.B. Hood, Blackheart, Cable, Cammy, Captain America, Captain Commando, Charlie, Chun-Li, Colossus, Cyclops, Dan, Dhalsim, Doctor Doom, Felicia, Gambit, Guile, Hayato, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Man, Jill, Jin, Juggernaut, Ken, M.Bison, Magneto, Marrow, Mega Man, Morrigan, Omega Red, Psylocke, Rogue, Roll, Ruby Heart, Ryu, Sabretooth, Sakura, Sentinel, Servbot, Shuma-Gorath, Silver Samurai, Sonson, Spider-Man, Spiral, Storm, Strider Hiryu, Thanos, T.Bonne, Venom, War Machine, Wolverine, Zangief, Abyss Abyss serves as the boss in arcade mode.

To configure video and sound, go to “datamugen.cfg”.
Version 1 includes unspecified updates.


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