“The Way” on Kickstarter

The Way is a 2D puzzle platformer game inspired by classic titles like Another World, Heart of Darkness and Flashback.


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Playing some old Amiga games…

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(Click on image for full view)

Here are 9 suggestions if you wanna play some classic Amiga games.. they are still good even nowdays!


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When i first saw the BoonDog screenshots i immediatly thinked about game FlashBack.. Of course this game is not flashback, but it is a nicely crafted puzzle-platformer with a level editor too.


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Concurrence v1.2

Concurrence is a Flashback-style 2D platformer created by mode7 for submission to the Monthly AGS competition (a friendly game development jam that involves making adventure games using AGS in under four weeks). You’re an astronaut who is stranded on an alien planet with no memory of what has happened, and the only way to get answers to all of the questions in his head is to move forward and explore his surroundings further.


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IJI v1.0

Iji is an action-packed strategic platform shooter with a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events, dialogues and scenes depending on what you do, a wealth of extras and bonus features, and seven stats to upgrade through a leveling system. Iji herself has superhuman strength and abilities, and can crack Nanotechnology, use her enemies’ most devastating weapons against them, and be a pacifist or a killer which changes her mood and the fate of those around her. Soundtrack by Chris Geehan and Dan Byrne McCullhough, songs also by Tom Mauritzon and Captain Goodnight (and LifeForce, but their song was not originally recorded for Iji).



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