Spirits of Metropolis (demo)

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The demo has 15 levels and no time limit/trialware

In many puzzle games, you simply match three colors together, the gems fall, and massive combos may or may not happen. In these games, you’re locked into the level that the game provides you; that is, if you don’t see a combo on the screen, then you won’t be able to create one. It’s more of a hide-and-seek gem game than anything else.

Spirits of Metropolis is a game that shifts this perspective: once you create a combo (called “chains” in the game), the level won’t react immediately. Instead, the user is in control of when the chains start to occur…allowing you to build multiple chains in a single turn. It’s not uncommon to get massive chains with some good strategies! From there, you change any gem to the color that’s currently in your “Current” inventory.


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