How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad – MTmini

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-What’s a MTmini?-
Don’t have a Multitouch Table yet? Have one, but need something smaller for testing? Building a small portable multitouch pad will allow you to test software and experiment on a smaller scale while building your full table or when away from your multitouch screen. Have fun and make a MTmini! This uses Front Diffused Illumination, with normal ambient light (infrared not required or needed) and a normal off-the-shelf webcam (IR filter can still be in place).

-How’s it Work?-
For this to work, all you need is a room with (at least) some light. The results will be best when the room lighting is even (no bright lights shinning from one direction onto the multitouch pad).

When you place you fingers on the surface, shadows are created where your fingers are. The webcam sees these shadows and sends the image to the tracking software which tracks the shadows as they move on the surface.

It’s important to try different lighting setups and to configure the software in order to get the best results.

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