Time to save the forest..

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As you know Apple launched I-Pad and Google plan to launch a similar “toy”..
The best application i see about this things is reading.. and of course preventing tree cut for paper.

Here is a short list of things i think of:

-reading comics
-reading books
Replace paper school books with this.
-Draw and paint (it ‘s possilbe?)

I read that with this thing u can also surf the web.. well the price is insane right now, at least for my standard but i see great potential in the future.. For sure planet forests will great benefict from this.


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Battalion Nemesis and others…

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Added some flashgames in the gallery, they are not new their only purpose is to accompany you while you ‘re having your coffee or tea break..

Here some suggestions..

Battalion Nemesis (an Advanced Wars inspired game)

Notessimo (Create Music)


The Horde

Warzone TD

Presidential Street Fight

and much more…


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