Smash Da Gas

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UPDATE:The Game seems closed, it’s not clear if the developers will re-open the game at some point or not.

Smash Da Gas is a browser based, 3d, multiplayer racing game with nice graphics, physics, and real-time multiplayer technology. The game features cartoon caricature “Chibi” style cars. In addition to traditional racing, Smash Da Gas has “Freestyle Hangout Parks” in which players can chat, explore, or challenge each other to races. A wagering system adds a unique and exciting dimension to the game. Players can bet game currency on races with the ability to win or lose virtual fortunes!


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Angry Birds Free Web Version

Angry Birds is a perfect example of how very simple ideas can be a success.. IF you craft them with original character, an ultra cool graphic style and tons of little details which make it emerge from the masses of mini flashgames. The idea behind angry birds ain’t original nor it is the first game to use this gameplay, but it surely is a big success.. i dunno if it is just a lonely case but if it’s not developers should definetly learn from it how to make an audience successfull game.


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Smash Face Volley


Smash Face Volley is a nice mini-game 1 vs 1 volley.


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