Super Hero Squad Online

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Get ready to Hero Up! Super Hero Squad Online is the first Marvel MMO and now you can play as your favorite Marvel Hero, Super Hero Squad style! Te wildly popular cartoon and toy line is an online game where you and your friends can battle villains on the streets of VillainVille, go head-to-head in an epic card battle, decorate your helicarrier or just hang out and chat.


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Privates is a shooting game with a message..
Guide your squad in people sexual intimate parts to fight sexual disease..

About the social message, all i can say is this.. if you make casual sex, wear obviously always condoms but don ‘t forget that your best defense is the brain, use it.


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Mobile Bomb Squad

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This is a puzzle-game with a twist: Create chain reactions of explosions by placing bombs and rockets. It was created for the YoYo-Games competition 05.


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BadCompany 2 SquadStories trailer HD720p

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A nice trailer of BadCompany 2 added to the videoteque.

Download Trailer

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Laser Squad (Java)

This game is a pure classic like X-com, here is a nice java port..
I wonder if there is some of the viewer who played the original…

Click here to PLAY

p.s if you need the music during gameplay use the video i have embedded down below..

You can also find Rebel Star and SokoBan on William Fraser’s website.


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