Wing Commander StandOff

Wing commander StandOff

Standoff is a fan-made add-on to Origin’s Wing Commander Secret Ops, the latest PC Game in the Wing Commander franchise. Standoff will work with either the freely-downloadable Secret Ops Starter Package or with the full version of Secret Ops that is included in the Wing Commander Prophecy Gold edition.

Standoff was originally released in five separate episodes, from December 2004 to August 2009, matching the subdivisions of the game’s storyline. As of now, the full game can be installed and played from start to finish by downloading a single file.

Standoff takes place during the events described in the novel Wing Commander: Fleet Action, by William R. Forstchen, set between Wing Commander II: Secret Operations 2 and Wing Commander III. After over thirty years at war, the Confederation has accepted a truce proposed by the Kilrathi, and is cutting down heavily on military expenses. Most capital ships are being mothballed, their entire crews discharged from the service.


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