The Man From Fugue State

A stranger arrives in the sleepy town of Tumbleweed with no memory of his identity only to find the residents suffering at the hands of feared outlaw El Marcado, ‘the marked one’. Soon he finds himself caught up in a plot to defeat the outlaw once and for all. But who is this stranger and why is the mysterious El Marcado so interested in Tumbleweed?


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Empire & State

Empire & State is a new breed of massively multiplayer online world. As in the real world, Empire & State will be driven by business, politics, crime, and warfare. You could step into the shoes of a CEO, President, Criminal Mastermind, or General, but you’ll need real world skills to be successful.


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40 Stories

40 Stories is a puzzle game where you must create duplicates of yourself to escape 40 challenging floors. It is being developed by over 60 Chico State University students in the Applied Computer Graphics, Computer Science, and Recording Arts departments.


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State of War

State of War is a turn based strategy game for your browser. No downloads or installations required, just login and play..


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Solid State Survivor


Solid State Survivor is a nice
japanese vertical shoot ’em up.


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