Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package

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Last evening i was surfing the Steam Store site, then i decided to look at the top sellers.. What i saw really gave me to think, the top seller was Cod 6 Stimulus Package (13,99€).

So what is exactly this stimulus package, a manual to have a better discharge at the toilet?
According to what i read on the internet, it is a 5 map pack (2 of which are already be seen in cod 5), WHAT? 14 euro for 5 maps!! This means that a lot of people bought this..
Wow this is really a sign of times.. The gamers who bought this, must really like the game, but come on how is it possible? They are just 5 maps! It s like if someone spit on you and you tell him thanks and pay too! I am really happy to have not bought this game (mw2) i find this Stimulus package a living insult for 14 bucks, BUT Activision was right! They sold a lot of this, they made thousands of dollars with a 5 map pack!! Can you believe it? Personally i wouldn’t have, if i hadn’t saw it tonite on the top sellers in steam store..


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