Tower Commodore v1.5c

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The game download is not available, couldn’t recover the backup. If you are the author or you have a copy of it please contact me i would like to re-host the file. Thanks.

This is a full feature rts game.It has individual unit control,base building,map editor,60 fps animations,support for lan and internet gameplay,very good AI(the computer is not that easy to beat),hiscores based on the skill of ALL the players involved(with the exception of the observers).The strategy is also refined as well as the balance and counters of the units.The game also has an in-game music player(you put your wavs in the MUSIC folder).Author have included some new game mechanics.One last thing: every unit is unique.You’ll not see one unit with the same variables but with different values. If you’re looking for a fast-paced rts, with flexible strategy, large armies to command, and new game mechanics, then you should really try this one.


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ButaVX: Justice Fighter

ButaVX: Justice Fighter – a cute, comic book style RPG.

ButaVX’s favourite ball somehow ended up in wrong hands! In order to retrieve it, he’ll have to go on the adventure of his life and get the mystical Sword of Justice (att +10)!
But where could it be? Explore the village and talk to the villagers, grab potions, prepare for the quest and see the outside world for the first time! Dangers might be lurking around every corner, but ButaVX is a brave piglet.


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NeverMore 3

A nice arcade adventure with a nice art style. This game floats around the internet by some time..

Click here to PLAY

p.s click on the white sphere to start the game.

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S4 – Style eSper Shooting Sport

S4 is a fighting mmo with guns and swords, similar to Gunz.

Link to S4


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