Apogee Freeware Pack 2009

A collection of old Apogee classic games, updated to April 2009, most of the games require DosBox to run. DosBox runs under windows, linux, macintosh and other operating systems.

The zip includes:

packs.zip – Adventure Fun Pack
acfreew.zip – v1.2 Alien Carnage
aa_freew.zip – v2.0 Artic Adeventure
tit_free.zip – v1.0 with source code Beyond the Titanic
titanic.zip – Beyond the Titanic (old release)
bmfreew.zip – v1.1 Bio Menace
thor.zip – v1.0 Caves of Thor
da_freew.zip – v1.0 Dark Ages
krozfree.zip – (with source code) Kroz
strykerfw.zip – v1.4 Major Stryker
marsfree.zip – Monuments of Mars
tombfree.zip – v1.0 Pharaoh’s Tomb
packs.zip – v1.0 Puzzle Fun-Pak
stargunnerfreeware.exe – v1.1 StarGunner
snova_fw.zip – v1.0 with source code SuperNova
trivwhiz.zip – v1.0 Trivia Whiz
wolf3dsu.zip – Freeware release of WolfStein 3D Super Upgrades addon for full version
ww_freew.zip – v1.0 with source code World Whiz
xenofree.zip – v1.1 Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport

Apogee Freeware Pack 2009
73.3 MiB - 5,333 downloads


WolfStein 3D Flash

Treasure Hunt

Kingdom of Kroz

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