A Wonder

A WONDER is a 3rd person stealth/puzzle game.


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Wonder King Online

As an epic 2D Side Scrolling MMORPG, WonderKing boasts delightfully animated graphics and compelling features for users of all ages to enjoy.

– A captivating story of heroism along with a fantasy mission system is the foundation and forte of WonderKing.
– Rise to the pantheon of legendary craftsmen by utilizing the intriguing crafting system!
– Lead a fabled league of ancient heroes and become the greatest guild leader that ever stepped foot in WonderKing!
– Create delectable dishes with the convenient cooking system!
-Engage in spectacular battles with the help of pets which become both dependable and courageous comrades!
– Experience an innovative customizable hometown system! (Coming soon)
– Declare yourself king after conquering your enemy’s fortress in a dynamic castle battle! (Coming soon)
…and much more.

WonderKing will launch in the second half of 2009.



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WonderFL is a nice online compiler of flashgames made with AS3 (Actionscript3), you can get the source code, modify the online code or create a new game from scratch directly online.


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