WarHammer 40k MMO

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I think most of you know that a Wh40k mmo is in development, i think there will be years before something will be shown.. What i was curious about, was What type of game will they do? A fps with guildwars type of technology? A wow type game? Or maybe a Tabula Rasa type game? really curious..



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INQUISITOR: Official WarHammer 40k short movie

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A nice official short movie based on the Space Marines Universe created by GamesWorkShop, WarHammer 40k. It tells the story of Space Marine Captain Darius of the Dark Angels and his command squad who join Inquisitor Krieger in solving the mystery of a strange key. Story written by Andy Jones and Tom Lauten.

PLAY part 1

PLAY part 2

PLAY part 3

PLAY part 4 preview clips from “Hive Infestation” and “Blood for the Blood God”


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