StarCraft 2 Arcade Now Completely Free!

The entirety of the Arcade, along with all of the maps, mods, and games found within, has been made accessible to all StarCraft II: Starter Edition players for free. All Custom Games are now available to Starter Edition players. All three races have been unlocked for Starter Edition players.


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StarCraft II: Starter Edition

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The StarCraft II Starter Edition is a new, free version of StarCraft II that gives anyone with a Battle.net account and an Internet connection a chance to try a wide array of single-player and multiplayer content in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Starter Edition players can only play up to the fourth campaign mission, and most Challenge Missions are unavailable. Starter Edition players are also unable to use versus and co-op matchmaking, most custom maps, chat channels, and the party system. Publishing custom maps to Battle.net is also restricted, and offline play is unavailable to Starter Edition players. For single-player and custom games, Starter Edition players may only choose the Terran race.


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