BattleField Play 4 Free (closed Beta)

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Battlefield Play4Free(TM) is a new free to play game from the same team that brought you Battlefield Heroes(TM). Set in the modern theatre of war Battlefield Play4Free is a first person shooter with realistic graphics.

BattleField Play4Free
10 bytes - 2,769 downloads

-A next-generation free to play battlefield
-32-player all out warfare online
-Experience the career of a professional soldier

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6 Responses to “BattleField Play 4 Free (closed Beta)”

  1. By Máté on November 6, 2010

    So this is bf2 for free, right?
    Damn, i fail at maths.

    • Yes, Strike at Karkand map looks pretty much the same..
      Maybe they added some graphic improvments and some twist and of course the “mmo persitency” but basically i think it’s the old good Battlefield 2..

  2. By Máté on November 6, 2010

    So doesnt wort for those who already have BF2? I got it for about 5 bucks.

    • I dunno.. recently i was thinking about re-installing bf2.. i guess this free version is a good excuse to come back to make a couple of shoots.. 😆

  3. By mas on November 8, 2010

    looks damn nice compared to korean BF2 online.

    btw, is the music same ost of BF2?

    cause i heard this music, but in classic way at games in concert

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