The Repopulation Preview

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The Repopulation is a Science Fiction Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game by Above and Beyond Technologies. You begin your adventure as a second generation clone colonist on the planet of Rhyldan, with mankind on the verge of extinction, and in the midst of a civil war.

Currently the game developers are debating on F2P/Microtransaction model. If a publisher comes forward with financing, then a different structure may be used. Standard subscriptions would most likely be offered with appropriate perks over a free account. Microtransactions would cover cosmetic offerings, time saving devices (skill increase boosters), and some options that would be part of a subscription or could be purchased independent of a subscription.

Link to KickStarter (if you want to support the project)

Link to Official Site

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  1. By Máté on June 16, 2012

    This looks quite good actually.

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