Positive aspects of Piracy (file sharing)

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Let’s say it Piracy (meant as sharing files for no money) isn ‘t the only reason behind drop in sales, the situation is far more complex, piracy is just a part of a greater scheme.. today i wanna talk about the good positive aspects of the Piracy..

1-The pollution, let’s face it the media (dvd,cd etc) are polluting the planet with file sharing no plastic garbage or forest cutted to make the box packaging.

2-The bad game don’t pass, or pass only for the casual players, yes you could argue that there are demos for that, but that is half-true cause sometimes demos don ‘t comes out, or get released after the game launch and sometimes demos don’t give the right view of the final product.

3-Poor people exist and considering life is short why negating them the pleasure of playing many games eansted of the few ones they can buy? After all that game wouldn’t be bought..

4-Save the (very) old games from oblivion, i mean some great guys wrote many great emulators, how we could use back then (when no wii virtual console existed) the roms if some ‘hacker’ didn’t dumped them?

5-A huge library made by millions of p2p users around the world, i mean no offense but we can live even without blockbuster(movies), pop-stars can gain money with concerts and club perform(mp3) and the videogames will loose a 10-20% from the total purchases (after all consoles are pirated too but they sells like hell)

6-Hardware sells, in many countries people buy computers and mostly new video cards, did they do so if they didn’t have access to piracy? i suspect ati and nvidia wouldn’t sell so good.

7-Porno don’t get money, i mean you must be joking me? Why should i pay to watch a porno movie where persons without money(the women) are exploited

8-Connections sells, i mean who need 10-100mbit hyper fast connection just for checking e-mail, surfing the web or faster youtube video load? none, the fast connections are sold just for download. It’s a fact.

The future is made of multiplayer games (the only copy protection that works), mmo(world of warcraft or Guild Wars) and ads paid games,movies, music. The internet is made for people not corporations.

I hope no1 get offended by this article, my point of view on files sharing is neutral i don’t hype it but not condemn it either. Btw to make it clear i found disgusting making money from others works(but this doesn’t happen in sharing files).

And you? What do you think?


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  1. I think you are plainly wrong. Simply put, piracy can break the industry and destroy the game developers we love. Don’t believe me? Check out what happened in Brazil:


  2. I didn’t said piracy isn’t a problem, i am wrong? All the eight points? Even the pollution one? I tried to find some positive aspects from piracy, i wasn’t saying piracy is good. The equation is what is the rate between, lost sales and download (it’s not 1:1)? When someone could give a real answer to this we could clearly claim if it’s piracy the real problem (or as i suspect) there is more behind sales drop.

  3. Pollution: check out my post. Street vendors are selling CDs/DVDs as well, pollution doesn’t decrease.

    Bad games: unreal. Search the internet. You can find crack for even cheap, small low-quality indie games (not casual games).

    Poor people: wrong again. In Brazil, street vendors concentrate around rich districts. SUch as Ipanema in Rio. I assure you, it’s not poor people buying there.

    Save old games: true, to an extend. Take a look at WiiWare.

    Huge library: digital distribution as storage is the future, regardless piracy.

    Hardware sells: mostly smuggled or in “grey markets”. ATI and nVidia benefits, but they are the only ones. Smuggling and grey markets empowers avoidance of tax-paying and criminal organizations here, and that’s a main problem in Brazil as a whole.

    Porno: don’t watch at all, and those poor women won’t have this option for money. In fact, since most people don’t pay, they get even less .

    Connection sells: again, the only benefited part are main telecom carriers. All the rest of the (much bigger) entertainment and digital industry suffers, and with them also job positions and income.

    Rate: Hardly 1:1. But as the Brazilian case attests, there was a prosperous industry, and if it broke it was because people buying genuine products shifted to pirated products. So there is no thing such as “”

  4. Ops, forgot to complete:

    (…) So there is no thing such as “I wouldn’t but anyway”. If people can get for free, even families with high income won’t buy original. And I’m telling you, I saw here plenty of rich people whose families have 4 cars (less than 5% of Brazilians can afford it) pirating everything.

  5. Ok in reply to Tex pine:

    Pollution:i checked your post i was talking about p2p(file sharing) no material stuff exist.

    Bad games:Don’t agree, the ‘evaluation’ download exist (dunno in which percentage) but exist, think to the online games, they check if computers runs it fine then buy it (cause a cd-key for online play is required).. and i mentioned demo..

    Poor people:disagree with you, example a guy download the game and gift it to a poor guy with a crappy computer and no internet connection.

    Old games:well i am not going to buy a wii to play pacman lol

    Huge library:yes i agree but very old software should be available for free in service like stream.. etc

    Hardware sells:really dunno, a good video-card cost a lot, free download of games is a great incentive for those companies (ati-Nvidia etc)

    Porno:we both agree here, piracy will kill this bad market.

    Connection sells:yes i meant the internet providers profit ofc lol

    Rate:the 1:1 is the rate official anti-piracy organizations give, which is obviously totally wrong (as i wrote lol)

    In conclusion:it ‘s a difficult matter to threat i just wanted give my 2 cents, hope no1 that come on my site doesn’t get offended. bye.

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