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reactos 0.3.4

New version of this operating system alternative to Windows, you can DOWNLOAD here, the main changes are:

  • A complete rewrite of the Cm (Config Manager) in ntoskrnl – aka registry support. This makes it much more compatible with NT5.2 (win2k3).
  • SSE / SSE2 support.
  • New Plug and Play keyboard and mouse driver.
  • Full syncing of all usermode dlls from the most recent Wine release.
  • Support for RPC and IDL (which was quite outdated and buggy) was finally brought up to date, providing a solution for the plug-n-play manager problems, ReactOS Services and promising future support for complex apps such as Microsoft Office.
  • Huge improvements to user32 which now uses the desktop heap, greatly speeding up the UI.
  • Large compatibility fixes to gdi32, meaning our dll can now be loaded and used directly in Windows.
  • Continuation of the rewrite of Win32k incorporating rewrites of a core functionality to bring it in line with win2k3.
  • Improvements of many core user mode components, a much more functional shell32, improved control panel applets and the addition of a remote desktop client.
  • A great deal of work on translations, language and regional settings.

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