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This is a fantasy MMORPG based on the Celtic mythology, Mabinogion. Unlike other games, when a player starts off in-game they may choose an age for their character instead of a class. For every Saturday that passes, the character will age one year and as a result they will recieve higher level-up stats and such. A unique feature in this game is the rebirthing of characters. You can choose to rebirth your character back to level one (resetting everything) except the skills you have learned in your previous life. By rebirthing you will be able to have more skills than a player who does not choose to rebirth.

Mabinogi (Europe)
10 bytes - 816 downloads

Mabinogi (USA)
10 bytes - 10,265 downloads

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  1. By Nickname Removed (as requested by user) on May 9, 2009

    HI will you be making mabinogi for mac any time soon

  2. If you have a Mac, try running Mabinogi via BootCamp

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