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As you may have heard there was a problem with the distribution of the (quite good) Space Hulk remake recently made by a couple of guys in sweden.. here i report a statement on their site..

The last couple of days have been rather hectic. From our pleed for help we got in touch with old time Games Workshop veteran Jervis Johnson. Although he could not help us personally he was kind enough to speed up the legal process and so we finally got a response from Games Workshop this afternoon.

We are awaiting their second respons and approval to publish the entire conversation but in short all Warhammer 40.000 licences to make a computergame belong to THQ (who are the ones resposible of the Dawn of War series). Even though they have no plans of releasing a Space Hulk game it is still a part of the 40.000 world and as such Games Workshop feel obligated to defend their clients in this matter.

We accept this response and even though it saddens us we do not want to upset them further by releasing more updates to the game. It is their product and property and even though we tought everything was okay by them, they still had the option to ask us to quit.

Of course we will contact THQ and ask for their permission to continue this development but as it seem highly unlikely it surely seem that this is the end of our great game. It has been a blast doing this and we will remember this our entire lives. You have all helped us doing this and if we were not forced to stop, this could have grown into something truly great. Do not hold a grudge towards Game Workshop. Without them you would never have played this game in the first place.

We thank you all for all your support and will try to post the entire conversation shortly. Of course we will inform you of any outcome regarding THQ but it seem like this is the end.

/ Niklas and Jörgen, Sweden ( 10 march 2008)

This is to say the least a bit surrealistic! I mean come ‘on, all those millions, and they can’t allow a freegame to use some names and some sprites? As a preacautions we had to remove file from our mirror too, you ‘ll never know how things can turns.. It’s a pity cause the game was really good and with a decent challenge, not to mention that the turn based was really enjoyable, well i guess we have to stick with abandonware, so download DosBox if u wanna play the pc version of Space Hulk, or WinUAE if you wanna play the amiga version. For the game? Well it can be found everywhere on the internet(not to mention p2p)… LINK (dos version) or LINK2 (Amiga Version)

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  1. Not to mention that there is this remake:

    that is up there from years untouched..

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