GameMaker 5,6,7 Decompiler

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This is a program who can decompile the games made with beautiful tool named Gamemaker. It converts an .exe in an editable file, good or bad? Well the good point is that people can learn from others, or you can recover lost source code, the bad side is that some1 could ‘steal’ your work. Didn ‘t tried this program myself so i can ‘t say if it really works, use this at your own risk.


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  1. By Someone on April 23, 2008

    It does work. I decompiled one of my own games with it, and compared it with the original source code, and is the same.
    Good to know for my next game, which will be an online game so must be protected against programs like this.

  2. Hi someone, as far as i know, reverse engineering was one of the biggest problem from the dawn of software computer technology, the only working protection is hardware, or cd-key(but it’s expensive beacouse you need an online master server). Too bad service like stream or direct2drive doesn ‘t support gamemaker executables.. (so i heard) I was wondering.. placing the code in external .dll, doesn’t prevent someone from sneaking your valuable routines? Hmm i suspect even in commercial and big ones, this dll have been used many times.. 🙂

    Btw What is the name of your previous game, i am pretty curious, put a link. 😛

    p.s in conclusion i would like to point it once more, that this tool isn’t hosted here, and that i putted here only for educational purpose..


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