WYD (With Your Destiny) Global Online

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WYD Global is a free full 3d MMORPG that embarks on one’s dream in fulfilling his destiny. Join the army of Armia and choose from 4 character classes: Transknight, Foema, Beastmaster and Huntress. The Transknight is the frontline men of the game. They are the ones tanking in a party or guild. The Foema is the nuker of the game and at the same time, the healer and support. Her magic, buffs and healing abilities are one of the best there is in the game. The Beastmaster has the ability to shapeshift, use elemental magic and summon beasts to aid him in battle. This class is the secondary tanks of the game (sometimes even better than Transknight). The Huntress is the sniper of the game. With her keen sense and accuracy, not many are lucky to live in a battle with a huntress.




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