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We have reached our time limit to find a solution that would help us keep the Fury servers open. Sadly, no solution has been found and so we have no alternative than to shut the servers down in 48 hours.

To all those players who have enjoyed Fury and played countless battles, I am sorry that we could not find a viable business model that would allow you to continue playing. To all those naysayers and doomsdayers, we know that deep down you wanted Fury to succeed. Have fun with your parting wishes

To the Auran team, who put their heart and soul into making Fury, thanks for your efforts. As I said many times before, we need to be much better than the competition to have a chance of succeeding. We gave it everything we had and history now judges that it still wasn’t good enough.

Whilst this marks the end of the Fury chapter, who knows what the future may bring. There were many gems hidden within Fury and many lessons learned. Hopefully one day the full potential can be realized in some other form.

So for now, so long and thanks for all the fish.

P.S. We informed all stores more than a month ago to remove stock from their shelves. If you have purchased a copy of Fury in the past month, we suggest you return it to the store.
P.P.S. This website will also close down in 48 hours.

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What can i say? I didn’t have time to try it myself, but discussions and rating around the web, wasn’t very good about this game… If they can’t mantain a couple of servers , which compared to the ‘big bucks’ spent to buy the unreal engine 3 are a pretty low expense, the game had to be really bad…


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6 Responses to “UNLEASH THE FURY close…”

  1. Free Forever until severs shutdowns 😛

  2. By John Bubuz on August 5, 2008

    Mi sono iscritto e sto scaricando il client: 2GIGI!!!!! Kaxxo!

  3. Okkio Bubuz che tra 48 ore chiudono tutto… affrettati.. 😆

  4. By John Bubuz on August 6, 2008

    Ho finito ieri sera di scaricare il client, è stato abbastanza veloce, 2 orette ed ora ho i 2Gigi e 40 di client: il problema è che sto aspettando che mi arrivino le componenti del pc nuovo da assemblare e non me la sento di installarlo su questo vecchio (beh, 3 anni…) che è già pienotto e non renderebbe al max, per poi reinstallarlo su quell’altro di nuovo.

  5. By bunta on August 7, 2008

    Io l’ho provato in beta il gioco e non era male. Solo pvp. Idee carine sul gameplay per l’uso delle abilità, il progresso, i drop. Modalità invece scarne e banalotte, forse quello il punto debole; a onor del vero non ho mai provato la modalità più cool, di cui ora mi sfugge il nome, ma la più originale. Decisamente frenetico assomigliava molto a un fps. Era un gioco troppo di nicchia.

  6. By John Bubuz on August 11, 2008

    Purtroppo è fallito tutto, e hanno chiuso pure sito ufficiale e i server… chi lo avesse acquistato, può tentare di riportarlo in negozio… in bocca al lupo 😉

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