4 EA Free to Play games will close in 90 days

EA decided to close four PC free-to-play titles: Battlefield Heroes™, Battlefield™ Play4Free, Need for Speed™ World and FIFA World. These games will be live for another 90 days, after which they will go offline July 14th 2015.


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Mochi Media shutting down – services end date of 3-31-2014

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Mochi Media shutting down – services end date of 3-31-2014. Well if you are not a developer or run a site with their flashgames, this isn’t a big news.. Btw i wonder why they are shutting down.. probably it wasn’t anymore profitable for them? You never know but i highly doubt it’s an April Fool


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BattleField 3 as The Matrix GunFight

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I think that if this game would have had a mod tool, we wouldn t have paid DLC, but a lot of free maps and free mods and probably one of the first map made would have been a re-creation with the frostbite engine 2 of that scene in the first matrix movie where Neo and Trinity fight in the Police Station.


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A Closed World

A Closed World is a console RPG-like game puts you in the shoes of a young resident of a village just outside a forest that everyone says is a place of no return. Supposedly home to hungering demons and a beast that would destroy the village, the forest is forbidden and nobody knows what’s on the other side. However, our hero’s beloved — tired of the oppressive attitude of the villagers — decided to go there, as anywhere would be better than home. Now it’s your turn to follow after. Are you willing to risk everything to find out what’s on the other side?


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Torque Engine is looking for buyer

Very bad news for indie developers, hobbyists and all people who planned to make their games using the great torque engine.


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APB Shuts Down!

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APB close! Wow this is probably the fastest shut down of an mmo, only 4 months. I am not completely surprised through, surprised for the fastness but when you see the game and the business model you know it would have gone this way. 6 years of development with a speculated budget of 30 – 50 million dollars, and after 4 months the game servers are shutted down? I think many people realize the magnitude of this.. This should have been an online GTA, and in all honesty i wished this game to succeed, to expand, personally i lost any interest in this game when they announced the monthly fee.
Well at least they tried to make a different game, something special, i think we will re-see apb in a different business model.. some kind of free korean grindish mmo.. which it will never be a GTA online..


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We have reached our time limit to find a solution that would help us keep the Fury servers open. Sadly, no solution has been found and so we have no alternative than to shut the servers down in 48 hours.

To all those players who have enjoyed Fury and played countless battles, I am sorry that we could not find a viable business model that would allow you to continue playing. To all those naysayers and doomsdayers, we know that deep down you wanted Fury to succeed. Have fun with your parting wishes

To the Auran team, who put their heart and soul into making Fury, thanks for your efforts. As I said many times before, we need to be much better than the competition to have a chance of succeeding. We gave it everything we had and history now judges that it still wasn’t good enough.

Whilst this marks the end of the Fury chapter, who knows what the future may bring. There were many gems hidden within Fury and many lessons learned. Hopefully one day the full potential can be realized in some other form.

So for now, so long and thanks for all the fish.

P.S. We informed all stores more than a month ago to remove stock from their shelves. If you have purchased a copy of Fury in the past month, we suggest you return it to the store.
P.P.S. This website will also close down in 48 hours.

Link to forum entry


What can i say? I didn’t have time to try it myself, but discussions and rating around the web, wasn’t very good about this game… If they can’t mantain a couple of servers , which compared to the ‘big bucks’ spent to buy the unreal engine 3 are a pretty low expense, the game had to be really bad…


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